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Shop update!


I just updated the shop quickly with two new items. I really like the Japanese fabric I used for the messenger style bag. I’m glad I ordered a few in other colors as well.

In other news, I found out the photographer who is renting out her space to Chris & I for our wedding reception wants to do a trade for sofa covers! We’re pretty excited about that! Chris is also finally ready to print and send out our “save the date” postcards. It’s super cute and very “us.” Hooray for getting things done!

Minneapolis Blythe meet

Today’s Blythe meet was great fun! This time the group was even bigger. We all meet at Jasmine 26 for a wonderful lunch and then headed over to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for pictures. I was pretty excited to see a Hollywood and Kozy Kape in person. So cute!

Check out the Blythe in the Twin Cities group on Flickr.

Disappearing Act.

I’m not sure if anyone had noticed but my original site,, has disappeared. Due to my lack of attention and a bit of stress from my day job, I had no idea that I had lost my domain name!

So now we are here at Hopefully, I haven’t lost too many of you.

Here’s what’s new in the shop: