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Can’t stop

I can’t seem to stop thinking about patterns this week. At work, on the bus, before bed. I guess that is good since I can be a terrible procrastinator. It’s a bit sad to me that my brain works in a way that my creativity only comes in waves that I can’t seem to control. For now, I’m just going to keep making patterns until the motivation goes away again. So here are tonight’s patterns.



First pattern for May

I just sent my first pattern to Spoonflower.


I can’t wait to receive it!

Goals for May

I’ve been chatting with my work friend and fellow crafty lady, Jessica a lot lately and she’s inspired me to work harder at following through with my goals for Polaire . So, I’m taking her advice and participating in Modish’s Monthly Goal Meetup. I’m really excited about getting things done and I am hoping that the excitement will last through the end of the month.

So here are my goals:

1) Contact a local shop to see if they are interested in my goods.

2) Send a new shipment to the shop in Chicago.

3) Design new promo items: biz cards, postcard, hang tag, and fabric tag.

4) Design one repeat pattern per week to send off at the end of the month to Spoonflower. I’ve already completed one last night, so this is done for this week!

5) Blog at least once a week…I’m too shy in real life and even on the internets 🙁

6) Add press page to the website.

Wish me luck!