Monthly Goals – June

My first attempt at this has been a bit spotty. I was really super excited at first and then the focus just sort of went away. So let’s  review the May Goals!

1) Contact a local shop to see if they are interested in my goods. This one is half way there. I’ve completed their consignment form but have not sent it in yet.

2) Send a new shipment to the shop in Chicago. I’m sending the shipment to them on Monday. There was a bit of a delay with printing out my hang tags.

3) Design new promo items: biz cards, postcard, hang tag, and fabric tag. Hang tag is the only completed one for this goal.

4) Design one repeat pattern per week to send off at the end of the month to Spoonflower. I’ve already completed one last night, so this is done for this week!  I’ve completed 3 patterns and have a few in progress and ready to be edited in Illustrator and Photoshop. Also, I had my first pattern printed!

5) Blog at least once a week…I’m too shy in real life and even on the internets :(  I’m terrible! I only blogged twice this month.

6) Add press page to the website. I didn’t even start this yet.

Yuck! Not looking so good.

June Goals:

Overall goal is to keep the focus throughout the weeks.

1.  Send in consignment form to local store.

2.  Continue to do 1  repeated fabric pattern per week.

3.  Continue to blog once per week.

4.  Brainstorm and design 2 new items for shop

5.  Add more inventory to etsy store

6.  Research stores that carry handmade goods.

7.  Design new promo items: biz cards, postcard,  and fabric tag.

8.  Add press page to the website. 

I’m going to attempt to finish about 3 this weekend. That will be a good start!


  1. Deb

    Yeah! Good luck with your goals! Your messenger bag patterns are super cute!! The spoonflower print is also super cute! I just came across that website the other day, what an awesome concept!

  2. Thanks! Good luck with your goals also!

  3. Awesome about your patterns! I like the tie-in too – you’ve got ‘continue’ in your goals, and continuing patterns. 🙂

  4. Wow! This is an ambitious list. Blogging is very challenging for me. If it gives you any comfort, once I got in the groove it seemed a bit more natural. Still a big time commitment, though. Best of luck in June!

  5. Liz

    Great list for June, and wishes that you get to cross many things off that list before the end of the month! LOVE your bags!

  6. Sounds like a few of us had bum Mays. So, here’s to June! Good luck!

  7. Cyn

    Thank you – I have been looking for the Spoonflower website for a couple months, after seeing it mentioned on another blog and not bookmarking it (couldn’t remember the name). And congratulations on printing your first pattern – that’s exciting! Good luck with your June goals.

  8. Nicely composed list and I like how specific your goals are. Good luck in June!

  9. Hey, didn’t we just have a chat about being too hard on ourselves? 😉 Here’s to having a better June!

  10. Don’t be so hard on yourself! You’ve got a lot done. Keep up the good work, everything will fall into place.

    Cute shop!

  11. great list and I agree, don’t be so hard on yourself! You have to start somewhere and let’s face it: life happens! Good luck this month!

  12. Best of luck for your June goals,

    Glitterysah x

  13. Just popping by from the Modish goals list. Good luck on blogging every week! I’m on an every day program, but I’m a work from home Mum. 🙂

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