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If I were a teenager again…

this is the all girl band I would have liked to be in.

These stylish and super cute ladies from Sweden are called Those Dancing Days.  Something so summery and fresh about their sound. If you go to their site check out their version of “Toxic”.

Monthly Goals – July

So, I think my June was better than May and I believe I might have been aiming a little too high with 8 goals. Although the good thing is I that I am learning. So below is a quick review of June Goals.

June Business Goals.

1.  Send in consignment form to local store.

2.  Continue to do 1  repeated fabric pattern per week. Oops! Didn’t make any!

3.  Continue to blog once per week.  Only 2 blog posts…about food and not business/crafting

4.  Brainstorm and design 2 new items for shop

5.  Add more inventory to etsy storeAck! Nothing added

6.  Research stores that carry handmade goods.

7.  Design new promo items: biz cards, postcard,  and fabric tag. Not done

8.  Add press page to the website. Not yet done

Now on to July’s goals. I’ve decide to go to a smaller number of goals and see what happens.

July Business Goals

1. Contact 3 stores from the researched list.

2. Add more inventory to my etsy store and to send to stores.

3. Design 2 repeat fabric pattern.

4. Blog once a week.

Hoping this month will be a wee bit more productive.