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December Goals


November was a busy and fun month. Here’s what I accomplished:

1) Organize and clean new studio room. Mostly complete just need to organize some paperwork and need to add some wall mounted shelves.

2) Send products to Renegade Handmade. Sent and received! Hoping the items sell well before Xmas.

3) Send two patterns to Spoonflower. Not done 🙁

4) Add 10 new items to the etsy store. New items added.

Three out of four is not bad I guess for just starting back ? At the end of October my work sent me to a seminar on time management and dealing with priorities. It was really quite insightful and I’m starting to really think about how I can transfer the things I learned there and apply it to my crafty business.  So Numbers 3, 4, and 5 reflects that.

So here are December goals:

1) Design 2 new accessories.

2) Update etsy storewith with items made with new designs.

3)  Sketch out textile design patterns. This time I’m starting slow. If I get something I like, I’ll send polish these up on Photoshop/Illustrator and send it off to Spoonflower next month. 🙂

4) Brainstorm a “game plan” for 2010. I’ll start with breaking it down into smaller chunks to create goals for for the year.

5) Research shops that might carry my items. (This one will feed into the “game plan.” )

November recap

1) There was lots of sewing and I updated the store on 11/10 and 11/29.

2) A fun work party at the Walker Art Center.

3) We had Thanksgiving with Chris’ mom at our place. I cooked a turkey for the first time with a little help from my favorite celebrity chef. Yum!

4) We also saw Fantastic Mr. Fox on Monday night! It was great! Kylie was my favorite and Jarvis Cocker as Petey was nice surprise!

5) We also reorganized our place and I almost completed rearranging my sewing studio. There will be pictures of that to come! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and month too!