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Nerdy – Wardrobe Remix


Nerdy Monday for Wardrobe Remix

All H&M except for Necklace (Wonder Wonder), and shoes (Marc Fisher).


Post still reminds me of being 17, stuck in an airport hotel in Bangkok by myself, and listening to the album over and over again on my walkman. I don’t know what I would have done w/o Bjork after my passport was stolen and my luggage left the country w/o me. Sigh…

New to me -Music

Little Dragon (We’ll be seeing them in October!)

Blood Red Shoes


Friday’s outfit for Wardrobe Remix


Last night’s dinner – Chipotle salsa marinated tenderloin with quinoa, beet salad, and fresh veggies. So easy to make and sooo yummy!


Also, finally have a copy of the photobooth picture I took w/ Miss McP from Bon Bon’s wedding.

Screen shot 2010-08-25 at 8.31.47 PM

I love Bryan Lee O’Malley’s drawings so much. We downloaded the game and it is awesome.


from radiomaru‘s flickr

OMG! So excited!

Booth 225! Come see us!!!!!


Hooray to being one(me) of only two chicks(Mary) on the dance floor on Saturday! It would have be even better if there weren’t old creepers staring all night.

Scott Pilgrim

Just a bit obsessed…but who can beat comic books, indie rock, video games and being young in the late 90’s? I finally finished the last books and it was lovely.

Wardrobe Remix

Restart - 8-16-10

I’ve accumulated a lot of new stuff (mostly vintage and used!) this summer. Now that I’ve stopped sweating buckets from the MN heat, it’s time to start Wardrobe Remix again! Starting slow w/ a simple outfit.

Top : H&M
Belt: Vintage (Everyday People Clothing Exchange)
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Listening, watching, reading

Listening: The Duke Spirit (Love love Leila…sigh), Robyn, Giant Drag, Little Dragon, Gorillaz, Dum Dum Girls, BRMC. Oh oh we got tickets to see Gorillaz in October! So excited.

Watching: Just finished watching the latest season of IT crowd. Super excited to see Richmond back. Although, I prefer him dressed as a goth. We’re on to Madmen now but the season has been a bit boring so far except for the cuteness of Peggy goofing w/ the art kid in the first episode. Don is definitely losing his charm. The chicks on the show needs more juicy story lines! Also, the latest episode of Futurama involved cats and that gave us a giggle-fit. Evil dancing cat cuteness! Looking forward to the newest season of the Venture Bros!

Photo on 2010-07-30 at 22.35

Reading: White Teeth by Zadie Smith. I’m not done yet. So far it feels like reading about my family. So many familiar characters. I guess being from an immigrant family is not that different where ever you live. My family are totally the Iqbals. I totally cheated and watched the BBC production in the middle of reading it though. I hope the second half of the book is better than the second half of the show!