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Food adventure!

Last Sunday, my friend Amelia and I went to our favorite Asian grocery store called United Noodles. We have a tendency to only go there once every few months. I believe it had been about 6 month since we’ve been back. So we went a little crazy and both spent a little too much money. For me it was mostly on rice and noodles. I bought a twenty pound bag which should last me a good while. So of course when I got home I made some Gui Chai (chinese chive dumplings).

Also, along the way I took a few pictures of cute packaging.

Cute Mushrooms!

Banana Cakes! Notice the banana lettering on the actual cakes.

Sea Urchin in a jar?!


New pouches in the etsy shop!

Baby & Kid clothes research

I’ve got baby on the brain. After looking at these shops, my heart just exploded with cuteness. 😛


Sweet Bisou

My rocking wardrobe

Caramel Baby & Child

A Month in Pictures

Tiny, Penny, Bella next to the tree the night before Xmas.

Mary and I on New Year’s Eve at Liza’s house.

Chris and Bella cuddling.

Chris got a chocolate football from his Grandmother at the Cook family gathering last weekend. Who knew you can buy chocolate at the Hobby Lobby?

Me and my new mini Diana camera at Jessica and Jon’s wedding reception.

Yummy mini cupcake from the reception.

New in the shop!

I’m starting the year out right with a small update. I think I’m finally getting my energy back now that I am passed 12 weeks! Yay!