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Sunday project

First maternity dress attempt

I was feeling really uncomfortable lately in my clothes. After some online research I noticed a lot of ladies bought dresses from American Apparel instead buying maternity wear. Since AA dresses are a little pricey, I decided to just jump in and make myself a dress. It was finished in one afternoon and little big in the chest but I’m sure I’ll grow into it. Not perfect but totally comfortable.

Busy growing a belly

18 weeks!

19 weeks!

We’re scheduled to find out if baby is a boy or girl on Tuesday. So excited!

Baby & Kid’s Rooms

OMG! These are all so cute. We’ll be moving to a bigger space in May and I am super excited to start decorating the nursery.

Addison’s Attic Playroom

Rylie’s Room

Creating a Nursery Out of a closet

Alex’s Fortress of Cute-itude

(All photos from Ohdeedoh)

Non-maternity Maternity clothes

I’m on the look out for non-maternity maternity clothes.

Metal Beaded Dress

Swallow Tank

When I was young dress

Blouse Sleeve dress

Roving the Olive Grove Dress

Hot Dotty Dress

Soutache Flora Blouse

New iPhone Cases in the shop

Two weeks ago I caught a terrible cold that had been going around at work. I had to be basically stay in bed for 5 days. The terrible part was that it all started the day before my 33rd birthday, so my birthday fun was very limited.

I’m finally feeling myself again. So this last weekend, I finally got back to sewing again and whipped these two up.