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So-en scans

Some of my favorite scans from my So-en Magazine collection.

Agatha is one month old today!

One month ago, on June 27th, our little miss Agatha finally arrived. She’s grown and changed so much during these short four weeks. I’m so excited to see her grow even more as time goes by. It’s really too bad that my maternity leave will end in September because all I want to do is spend time with her.

Look at the chipmunk cheeks!

Flickr Favorites

1. Have a Magical Birthday Card, 2. When knitwear comes along,, 3. Untitled, 4. beret60, 5. Monster legs, 6. Pepper in Caramelody Beret, 7. Untitled, 8. Yelle (favorite), 9. Japan Relief: 2 Prints, 10. chrishajny_bikini_pattern, 11. Eyeballs, 12. The Venture Brothers., 13. ‘One in Five’ – Domy Monster Art Show , 14. 22/365, 15. Róisín Murphy, Brixton Academy, London (29/11/08), 16. anna1

Those Dancing Days

I’m a bit late since this came out in March but I’m super excited about their new album. I hope they tour the US soon.

My cutie pie

Meet Agatha! She arrived 4 weeks early and today she is 16 days old.