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Pretty Pretty

1. in love with life dress 2. blush cream floral clip 3. lucia sunglasses by retro super future 4. alvarez by TBA 5. contrasting collar dress by Zara


Happy Valentines Day! I haven’t been able to get this song by First Aid Kit out of my head lately. It seems fitting for today so I thought I’d post it. I saw these ladies open for Lykke Li in November and they were even better in person. Oh, the beautiful harmonies! I think it may have been the first night that Chris put Aggy to bed without me so I was a little nervous. I kept texting him before the bands started and kept looking at my phone. But it turned out to be a great night of hanging out with my good friends and listening to wonderful music.

Love this!

Source: via Isara on Pinterest

I’m totally in love with this room. It looks so cozy.

Printable Valentine

I’m excited to say that one of my little illustrations is available as a printable valentines card on Paper Bicycle’s blog. They’ve been offering daily printable Valentines all week this week. Check it out and grab their awesome free Valentines!

Wishlist for my little cutie

1) Sweven Lamb Bonnet 2) Harajuku Mini Long sleeve Dot Dress 3) Baby Leather Boot 4) Blue Strawberry Vintage Dress  5) Stella McCartney Billy Baby Sweatshirt 6) Metallic Mocs