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Still ill…

I’m still super sick and have been staying home from work for the past two days. I’ve been watching movies and napping a whole lot which is super nice. The weather here in Minnesota has gone back to normal (COLD!), so I’ve been day dreaming of warmer days again. Especially about the trip Chris and I took to Puerto Morelos for our honeymoon in 2010. Maybe we can go back there next year…hmm…I can smell the salty breeze just thinking about it.


Feeding a cold

I’m trying to make a bad cold disappear by feeding it yummy food. It’s been a pretty bad winter for Agatha and me in terms of colds and the flu. I’m really hoping for a healthier spring!

Thai-ish chicken soup for my cold. Just throw a bunch of veggies, chicken, garlic, and ginger together.

Last night’s dinner: Thai (sort of) chicken soup with tons of ginger.
Chris made me lunch. Yay!

Today’s lunch: Chris’s delicious anchiote slow cooked pork with rice and beans.