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Those Dancing Days

I’m a bit late since this came out in March but I’m super excited about their new album. I hope they tour the US soon.

Felt Flower Time!

Felt flowers

OMG! So cute!!

Baby & Kid clothes research

I’ve got baby on the brain. After looking at these shops, my heart just exploded with cuteness. 😛


Sweet Bisou

My rocking wardrobe

Caramel Baby & Child

A Month in Pictures

Tiny, Penny, Bella next to the tree the night before Xmas.

Mary and I on New Year’s Eve at Liza’s house.

Chris and Bella cuddling.

Chris got a chocolate football from his Grandmother at the Cook family gathering last weekend. Who knew you can buy chocolate at the Hobby Lobby?

Me and my new mini Diana camera at Jessica and Jon’s wedding reception.

Yummy mini cupcake from the reception.

I was there!

I was in the same room with Damon Albarn, Paul Simonon and Mick Jones!!! Okay it was a very very very large room called the Target Center but still. So much fun! The space was weird. It’s been over a decade since I’ve been to a show in a space that large. Luckily, the location did not take away from the awesome.
Don't Get Lost In HeavenPicture from yuan2003‘s flickr

No Distance Left to RUn

I finally got to hang out with my friend Siri and watch this documentary. It was wonderful. We had yummy take out and beer/wine while reminiscing about our crushes on the band. Great night!

Note: I will have pictures and stories of the trip to Renegade and Chicago soon.

Art Show Wardrobe Remix


Chris had a few pieces in a video game art show, so we went to the opening. Fun night of looking at video game themed art and playing old school nintendo and arcade games.

Cutest video ever!

It makes me love Sloan and Chris Murphy even more. Hilary is a lucky kid!

Nerdy – Wardrobe Remix


Nerdy Monday for Wardrobe Remix

All H&M except for Necklace (Wonder Wonder), and shoes (Marc Fisher).