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Tiny spaces

I’m so fascinated by people who can live in such well designed¬† small spaces (after a certain age). It’s been years since I’ve been able to fit all my belongs in one room (college/living with roommates). I imagine you have to really love everything you have since there is such limited amounts of space.

Love this!

Source: via Isara on Pinterest

I’m totally in love with this room. It looks so cozy.

Baby & Kid’s Rooms

OMG! These are all so cute. We’ll be moving to a bigger space in May and I am super excited to start decorating the nursery.

Addison’s Attic Playroom

Rylie’s Room

Creating a Nursery Out of a closet

Alex’s Fortress of Cute-itude

(All photos from Ohdeedoh)

I really want this.

This is an awesome!