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Amazing. Hoping they come to Minneapolis soon.

Late night doodles

IMG_2400 IMG_2396

Two of my most recent before bedtime doodles.

The Hour

Screen shot 2013-03-12 at 11.43.57 PM

Screen shot 2013-03-12 at 10.08.40 PM

Screen shot 2013-03-12 at 10.13.47 PM

Screen shot 2013-03-12 at 11.44.16 PM

Screen shot 2013-03-12 at 10.24.18 PM  Screen shot 2013-03-12 at 10.25.11 PM   Screen shot 2013-03-12 at 10.08.58 PM

I’m not sure why it took me forever to finally watch The Hour since it had been on my radar since I found out Ben Whishaw (my imaginary British boyfriend) was going to play one of the main characters. In December, Chris and I burned through the first season in one week and basically did the same when the second season was available in January. It had all my favorite elements that I look for in a drama; well written three dimensional characters, great costumes/sets, unrequited love, conspiracies, and storylines woven into historical events. Ben was amazing as Freddie Lyon and the rest of the cast were wonderful as well. Shockingly though, last month, the BBC announced that it had not renewed the series for a 3rd season. It was such a shame since the ending of the second season was a major cliffhanger. Sigh…I’ll never know what will happen to Bel and Freddie. I’d like to imagine that they finally get together and raise tiny journalist babies.

Photos from the BBC


Isak ProductsI’ve been seeing a lot of their trays in the backgrounds of a couple of the instagram feeds that I follow. I’m glad I finally found the designer. So much whimsy! Here’s a few of my favorites.

Pink Blossom & Bill Mug / Tingleby lidded cupsTingleby breadboard /Five a day poster Green Blossom & Bill Tea-towel / Familjen notebook

Photos from Isak

Not what you expect

Cute, sad, true, and hilarious. Also, the second half is probably not for children.

This makes me insanely happy

I can not stop watching this. I dare you to watch it without cracking a smile!

Feeding a cold

I’m trying to make a bad cold disappear by feeding it yummy food. It’s been a pretty bad winter for Agatha and me in terms of colds and the flu. I’m really hoping for a healthier spring!

Thai-ish chicken soup for my cold. Just throw a bunch of veggies, chicken, garlic, and ginger together.

Last night’s dinner: Thai (sort of) chicken soup with tons of ginger.
Chris made me lunch. Yay!

Today’s lunch: Chris’s delicious anchiote slow cooked pork with rice and beans.


So cool!

I saw on Gizmodo this morning a story about this awesome women who sneaked into a Russian rocket factory. Lana Sator is her name and she’s kinda badass. Check out the link to see more absolutely amazing and beautiful photos.

One reason to look forward to fall

Chris and I are super excited to see Lykke Li this November. I’m also loving this beautifully shot black & white video for “Jerome”.

New look

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