My Fridays

I’m pretty lucky that my day job allows me to work from home Mondays and Fridays. Usually Fridays are pretty relaxed. In between winding down on my work projects and prepping for the next week, I get to do laundry, hang out with my cat children, and eat yummy home cooked food. It can be a bit lonely but cutting out my commute means shorter work hours. Which means I can take a nice walk by the lake or do a couple of chores in preparation for the weekend with the house to myself. Sometime I even get to sew a little on my lunch break. I wish I was able to have Aggy stay home from daycare but it’s in my contract that I can only work from home if the childcare responsibilities are taken care of by someone else. I do get to pick her up earlier though so that’s pretty nice.

My lunch buddy

My afternoon snack: green smoothie!

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