Short hair, don’t care!

shorthair1 shorthair2 shorthair3 shorthair4 shorthair5Early this summer, I cut off my super duper long hair that went down to the middle of my back and I’ve not regretted it one bit. And since my hair grows super fast, I’m excited about all these styles that I’ll get to try out in the next year or so.

My sister’s dreamy wedding



A few weeks ago, our little family spent a long weekend back in my hometown, Chicago, to be a part of my sister, Kapan’s wedding. It was a wonderful weekend! We arrived early Thursday afternoon and enjoyed a quiet evening with the family before the start of the whirlwind weekend. Then the next day a group of us met up at Ken’s (my sister’s new husband) grandparents house and spent hours into the night decorating and fluffing pompoms in the backyard. I remember that night thinking I will be glad never to see a pompom ever again!

The big day began with a rush to get everything completed on time. Since this was a DIY wedding, parts of it felt a little hectic but everything came together in the end. The bride and groom looked beautiful and it was the dreamiest garden party wedding I’ve ever attended. comboIMG_3003IMG_3017 IMG_3035

Music Flashback – 1989

The eleven year old me loved this song. Actually, the thirty-five year old me still loves it. The backup singers had amazing style and dance moves. Pretty sure it was something my older sister found.  We probably danced around the living room in our paperbag waist pants and patent leather oxfords to it.

That same year, I learned to dance by watching Rhythm Nation and Escapade. Also, Janet taught me that I could wear a key in one of my hoop earrings.